Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What was I saying?

In my first post I mentioned that I was hesitant about blogging. One of the reasons that I forgot to mention in that post was, that while I actually enjoy writing, it can be a difficult process for me. Sometimes writing becomes more like homework and less about expressing a thought. You see, I get very particular about how I word things and I tend to rewrite things over and over in an attempt to get the correct phrasing. So while I start off with an idea in my head about what to write, I tend to over-think the wording while trying to get the idea onto paper, and in that process, I forget some of the original thoughts that I was trying to express. So sitting down to write the blog reminded me about those times in school where I would spend hours trying to get the perfect wording for a writing assignment, while trying NOT to forget to actually focus on the subject of the assignment. As an example, what I intended to write about in today's post was how I had a lot of anxiety about going to school and how I see some of the same worries and stress from Michael. I was also going to talk about our current school district and how it compared with the one I grew up in (which caused my parents to send me to Catholic school and I'd really like to avoid doing the same to Michael). But I devoted so much of the post to my scatter brained writing style that it wouldn't seem coherent to start in on the schooling discussion. Oh well, I guess I'll work on an outline and have those thoughts ready for next time! (Damn this feels like homework) :p

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